Metal screen printing does not lead to technical great difficulties. Issues to be solved are not worse than those you come across in other areas. We can underline for example that ink and medium are hardly compatible, or mixings which create unexpected colours, etc.

Now, some of those issues are exactly what I fancy and mainly those which look like contradictions. In a way, screen printing is the opposite of painting. It is ignorant of brushes: the use of the latter is allowed but screen printing favours scraping. It is ignorant of shading principle and coloured perspective. It makes you reduce the colour numbers.

Whereas the painter’s delight is to stroke the canvas, to increse the shades, to suggest depths or reflections thanks to colour…

I use this contradiction as a training. The topic has a limited consequence. Landscapes, characters, portraits, still lives, industrial wastelands are excuses to carry on painting in order to register in âinting history thread.

Practising plays on paradox weapons. I don’t use screen printing in order to produce printed items, as it should be, but as a way to paint instead of brushes. So the “painting” to which this work leads to is not pictorial in the usual meaning. The goal is to lead to a picture. A picture which is beyond the painting, which is sovereign and obstinate presence that reflects to itself only.